Ethics in Computer Games: Violence

Many triple A titles and popular franchises of the modern day contain graphic depictions of violence, such examples such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are widely popular titles where the main gameplay focus is around violence. There have been many concerns about these kinds of games causing increased aggression and also desensitizing people to violence, gore and other related topics.

There have been numerous studies to do with violent video games, one in particular was carried out by the Michigan Youth Violence Protection Center in an article titled Do Video Games Influence Violent Behavior? ( where they point out that violent games can increase precursors to violent behaviour but whether any drastic action is taken after this is down to an individuals situation, making crazy stories that come out from time to time (e.g. Kid Shoots Parents Over Halo 3,,news-3153.html), seem more down to the person rather than the game.

Personally I don’t think violence is a bad thing within the games industry, but I do feel that it is a lot more saturated and normalised than it should be. Companies like Sony have censorship policies that I find quite strange where high content of violence is allowed in games for their consoles but slight suggestive themes or nudity is often banned or edited before release on their console, especially if it’s from a more indie developer.