Opportunities in the UK Games Industry

This week I have been working in a group to produce a presentation around entry level jobs in the games industry, so it feels fitting ti make a blog entry around the things I found out about the UK industry.

The first thing I was surprised to learn was the amount of big names that had graduate offers. Places like Creative Assembly and Codemasters have created games that I play frequently and the prospect of having a job at such a place that early was exciting to find out. Though they seem to only take the best of graduates, usually only taking first class or upper second class degrees, it gives me a good goal to aim towards if I want to apply to these studios.

Halo Wars 2 was created by Creative Assembly, a game I play often and enjoy. Src:

It was very interesting for me to learn about the different roles within a studio too as it gave me an idea of what specializations are in the field and I hope to figure that out by the end of my first acedemic year. Despite this I will still train all my other skills to adequete levels as I should ecpect to be a genralist programmer when I start out before I specialize in a certain area of games development.

Another thing that surprised me was how reassuring the job descriptions were, welcoming many skill levels and being very consise about what they want, which was a lot less daunting than I expected it to be, Some, like Codemasters, even mentioned other ares of interest that would be of use to the studio which was also very nice to see.

Codemasters state that an interest of motorsport is welcome due to their long history with racing games. Src:

The last thing I noticed was that the entry requirments between all the studios were pretty similar, this is due to the increasing popularity of Unreal Engine which means most studios will look for C++ knowledge and will sometimes makes applicants take tests about the language. This has made me keen to learn what the language can do in the future and I hope I can transfer my Javascript and Python knowledge over to increase my proficiency in the language.

Overall I feel more confident in finding a job after graduating as I thought it was going to be a lot more information heavy and and that big studios weren’t going to be accessible this easy. This research has helped me set some reasonable goals for the future and I hope that will help my learning throughout my time at university.