Building Skills in Blueprint

I have focused a lot of time into learning and understanding blueprint recently and have made a simple and silly game while learning. I used the third person template as a base and built up from there.

As you can tell a lot has changed, most notably is the materials for the room and the bunch of extra cubes lying around, a lot of these are physics experiments just to play around and see how things behave, however the main quest of this game is to open the red door.

But to do that, you need the mysterious hypercuboloid which is nowhere to be found in the room! Thats because you must escape the room by knocking the walls down with the various physics objects around the room. The best way to do this is to unleash the mega ball from the unreal cage, the character can press E to move objects around so with a few impulses we can get in

And there it is! One touch and the ball will shoot off and and release us from the room.

Well that didnt go to plan! Only the roof came off so we’ll have to find another way to get the walls down, hopefully the spinnging blue cuboid can help us.

Sure enough with a little nudge we broke down the walls and can now escape to find the hypercuboloid!

This seems to be it here! Now we can take it back and unlock the door and see whats behind.

Oh…its just a glowing version of the player. Well that was a bit underwhelming, but hey, it was just a test game. Here is the main blueprints I made for this game:

I had a lot of fun experimenting with the engine and I hope to tinker with it more before I start my prototype game, I have now considered making the prototype more physics based as I had a lot of fun messing around with the settings and I am excited to see what else Unreal has to offer!